… to live in security also in the future, we enable this the people in Passau in our flats with low priced rents! Since more than 100 years the building cooperative Passau-Spitzberg is a good, fair as well as secure and above all responsible accomodation service with a democratic organisation for our members.
We are glad to welcome you on our newly designed internet pages. Living in the building cooperative Passau-Spitzberg means also together and for each other. Look and discover the advantages of living in the building cooperative Passau-Spitzberg.

The consultation hours of our offices in the Spitzbergstr. 2, 94032 Passau are as follows:
Monday 6 pm – 7.30 pm, Tuesday from 9 am – 12 pm and on Thursday from 6 pm to 7.30 pm.
Here you could visit directly our housing offers:

Housing offers form


Living in our cooperative

Living in our cooperative means often to live in old venerable buildings, with neighbours, who are aquianted with Spitzberg and the environment since their childhood.
In order to obtain a flat in our cooperative, every tenant should also be or become a member of the latter. Thus each tenant is a co-owner of our cooperative and in a way „tenant of his own flat“ with life estate.
A notice to vacate could be given on behalf of the landlord only in case of back rent  or by break of the  articles of the house or cooperative. Each member could influence the future of the cooperative by exercising  his voting right  in the member assembly.
Our flats are not objects of speculation. This means  fair, adequate rents, as well as high investments in the maintenance of the existing stock.


Our cooperative

We are a small family cooperative with 191 flats, most of them in the middle of Passau. The most part do have  2-  and 3 rooms, but  there are also several  1-room aparments and 4-rooms apartments in our stock.


Member service
Our office hours in Spitzbergstr 2, 94032 Passau are as follows:
Monday from 6 pm to 7.30 pm
Tueasday from 9 pm to 12 am
Thursday from 6 pm to 7.30 pm
As well as out of office hours by arrangement


You have a claim report ?

Please contact us under 01516 / 815 59 410 (only in german language) or
email: info@baugenossenschaft-spitzberg.de (also in english language)


You need help for the renovation of your flat?

Ask the maintenance man wheather he has free capacity and we will assign him to you at original cost by next possibility.


Cleaning of the stairway ? You didn´t have the time or you have forgotten it?

No problem, we will do this for you in 14-days interval for currently 14,50 euro/month
Let us know this in our office hours.


Membership & Shares

Since the second Half of the 19th century , the people have  founded together building cooperatives, in order to improve their housing situation. Under the triad : save, build and live, the members have developped solutions, adequate to their housing needs together with employed specialists from the housing or building sector. A building cooperative is an institution, which aims to support economically ist members through their business operations. Due to this reason it constructs and maintains the flats, which are used by its members.


Shares in the company

Each member contributes to the equity capital of his coopertive through acquisition of company shares. The number and the size of the shares is determined according to the needs oft the members and is agreed at the members meeting. Currently a share costs 160 euro. A minimum of 3 shares should be acquired at the accession of the cooperative. In addition there is an entrance fee of 45 EUR. Living in a cooperative is not only an attractive alternative to living in a rental apartement on the free market, but also an individual property. The members define their housing together with other members and thus they live as co-owner in a communal property, which is a long-term advantage. The cancellation of the appartment rental contract on the Behalf of the cooperative is impossible in practice if the tenant conforms to the clauses of the contract. The shares are often regarded as deposit, which is generally not correct. Through the payed shares, the member is a co-owner of his cooperative, likewise a stockholder is an owner in a joint stock company.



The membership can be cancelled in written form by a member at the end of a business year. The cancellation period is one year. The payment of the  credit balance of a retiring member’s capital account is fullfilled after the adoption of the financial statements at the end of the business year, in which the separation has taken place.

Cancellation on 07.07.2024 as of 31.12.2025
(Compliance with the 1-year cancellation period, the cancellation is possible only at the end oft he business year)
The day of separation is 31.12.2025. The payment of the credit balance of a retiring member´s capital account is done after the adoption of the financial statements for the year 2025. Normally this is in June the next year, in this case 2026. The cancellation of the apartement rental contract is not identical with cancellation of the cooperative shares. The contractual relationships  should be handled separately. The details are regulated in the articles of the cooperative.